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There's a huge range of dog harnesses on the market but we love the durability & functionality of the Ruffwear Dog Harnesses.  Here's our top 4 best-sellers:

  • Front Range Harness - Most Popular!  Secure & comfortable everyday harness.  Back & Front Chest Leash attachment points (can be used for training!). 
  • Web Master Harness - Great for dog's that 'escape' (back-out), or senior / rehabilitating dogs, it is virtually inescapable and has a back handle to assist your dog.  
  • Hi & Light Harness - A minimal, lightweight dog harness designed for dog's that love fast adventure. Has back & front chest attachments.
  • Flagline Harness - A full body length harness with back handle that is lightweight, and great for hiking and scrambling.