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We only have the Large Purple in stock for Jan as new colours are being released for early February.

The Roamer Leash by Ruffwear is a stretch webbing dog lead that has an adjustable, padded handle with 'side-release' buckle.  This means you can use the lead by holding it in your hand or, adjusting the handle to clip it around your waist so you can be hands-free.

The hands-free option means it is great dog lead to use for walking, running or hiking.  Or you can clip the lead around a post or tree to secure your dog when you are at the shops, a cafe, campsite, etc.

The Roamer Leash has a strong, secure Talon Clip (see pics below) to allow easy attachment to your dog's collar or harness.It also has a 'traffic handle' loop which allows you to hold your dog close to your side when at a busy intersection or when need be.    

PLEASE NOTE: We only have Purple left in stock as new colours are being released in early February

The stretch webbing - Wavelength webbing - allows your pup to have a generous range of movement while you maintain control.   There are two sizes/lengths:

  • Medium - stretches from 1.7m - 2.1m (5.5 - 7ft)
  • Large - stretches from 2.2m - 3.4m (7.3ft-11ft)
  • Width of Webbing - 25mm/1"

    We suggest considering the size/height of your dog and of yourself when choosing the length of Roamer that will be best for you.   A medium size may be better on a smaller dog or if you are shorter so the lead doesn't touch the ground.  Similarly it may be better if you like to keep your dog closer when running/walking.

    Washing Instructions

    Hand wash with mild detergent. Air dry.

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    Really good for loose stuff, No control

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    Saved the marriage!

    My wife was always unhappy with the treat pouch she had been using (& our dog wasn't all that impressed either) so a hunting I did go...found your Treat Trader, ordered on line (we live in Australia) & all is well in love, treats & marriage!

    Great product!

    My dog came unclipped and ran off a few times using the normal lead. No more! The lockable carabiner gives me so much peace of mind. Thanks

    excellent product

    quality build, functional utility, highly recommended

    Charlie's one happy dog.

    I have an active 13 year old Kelpie x. Charlie sometimes hurts her shoulder (going too crazy after a ball or after coming for a run with me). This harness has allowed me to control how she jumps out of the car, ensuring a supported landing for her shoulder. The harness is now our go to - and unlike other harnesses it doesn't ride up or fall off to the side. I also bought the brush guard, but like some other reviews there's a bit bunching on the middle velcro, but not enough to worry about.

    Gold standard for Whippets!

    Love this harness! It fits my whippet like it’s tailor made. I purchased a S size for my 17kg whippet. The adjustable straps stay put and don’t slide loose with time. It’s very light, flexible and not bulky so my boy has full movement to run in it, no rubbing spots in armpits, and not too hot to wear in summer. Using the front chest attachment my boy no longer pulls on the lead - which is like magic - I would have paid double for this benefit alone. Highly recommend for whippets with all those glorious curves to fit right!