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Welcome to Canine Spirit!

At Canine Spirit, we believe a happy, contented dog is one that is looked after, loved and …. active!  

Interactive play and outdoor activity keeps your dog's mind stimulated, their bodies fit and their snouts bombarded with exciting smells - allowing them to enjoy their lives to the fullest.   We also believe a happy, contented dog parent (mum, dad, furr-parent…or however you like to refer to yourself!) is one that's having fun outdoors with their canine buddy!

Whether you like to go hiking, biking, boating, camping, SUPing, climbing, traveling or even relaxing at a cafe with your active dog, Canine Spirit will have the gear you need for the best adventure ever!


Our beginnings….

In 2005, I launched Canine Spirit - inspired by my two wacky, free-spirited Labradors - Sam & Sophie!   Basically they were my 'kids' and I loved hanging out with them and having them join me wherever I went - be it for an afternoon on the beach or a week-long backcountry camping trip.  Canine Spirit was 'born' because I wanted to find ways that Sam, Sophie & I could enjoy these adventures together in as safe and hassle-free ways as possible.

I now have a fabulous Labrador named Josie joining me on my day's out, but Sam & Sophie will always live on in my memories as my two fun-loving furr-kids who had a zest for life.   And their love for adventure will always be the driving force for Canine Spirit.   

I hope you enjoy having a sniff around the site and be sure to check us out on Facebook as well!   

Many wags,

Carolyn, Josie (and Sam & Sophie xx) 


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    Customer Love

    371 reviews
    Float Coat XS

    I’m using this product for kayaking with my cavoodle, she is only 5kg and this life jackets has been working very well. The handle is sturdy and it’s very easy to pull her back in the kayak. The yellow makes her very visible. Very good quality and happy with this product. Would recommend and buy again.

    Excellent harnesses

    We use these for our two staffies. Great material, easy to adjust, very secure and easy to get on and off! Love them!

    Houdini no more!!

    We have a very energetic 2 year old little dog, she had rolled or backed out of two different types of harness. Chatting over the fence with a lady walking her dogs, she recommended your 'Houdini' harness - we bought an XS and it has been an absolute roaring success. Fantastic to be able to walk Lily (known occasionally as Larrikin Lily) without having the worry of slipping out of her harness. Worth every cent. Will send a photo one day ( when I know how) - her tail is long and silky white (Maltese mother), poodle nose and black curls (Poodle/Dalmatian Dad), black spots Dalmatian. Quite a show stopper.

    Chain Reaction Dog Collar

    Replaces my old leather and slightly rusty chain collar. Fabulous easy wear, great training tool and looks super. Better than leather as it dries quickly when wet. Stylish highly recommend

    Ruffwear Harness

    We love our ruffwear harnesses, we even use one for our doggy guests
    Awesome colours too