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The Ruffwear Flagline Dog Harness is lightweight & great for active dogs that love to run, scramble & conquer everyday adventures.  

  • padded back handle & a 'load-dispersing' chest panel for lifts, assists & tri-paw'd dogs
  • front chest & back lead attachment points
  • longer in the body so may be more secure for Houdini dogs!
Blue Dusk
Lichen Green
Salmon Pink
Sage Green

With 6 points of adjustment, the Flagline Harness will fit nearly every dog. It has been popular with hard-to-fit deep chested breeds like Whippets, Lurchers and Greyhounds. It's easy on/off design also make it secure and accessible.  

This dog harness has 3 leash attachment points including:

  • an aluminium V-ring between the shoulders and
  • 2 reinforced webbing loops - one on the chest and one on the back.  These can be used for training as well.

This streamlined harness is also popular with tri-paw'd dogs that need a little help to stand, get up stairs or in/out of the car.

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To size find the right size, measure around your dog's chest / rib cage at the widest point. 

In between sizes?  Choose the larger size.

 Size Chest Measure
XXS 33-43cm (13-17")
XS 43-56cm (17-22")
S 56-69cm (22-27")
M 69-81cm (27-32")
L/XL 81-107cm (32-42")


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Video below shows How to Fit & Adjust the Flagline Harness

Key Features

  • Lightweight, easy on/off construction
  • Comfortable lift & assist - Balanced and comfortable lifting with padded handle and load-dispersing chest/belly panel
  • Six points of adjustment for an optimal fit
  • Three leash attachment points: aluminum V-ring on the back and two reinforced webbing loops - one on the chest and one on the back
  • Debris-resistant liner that sheds dirt & fur.
  • Reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions and light loop for attaching The Beacon™
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Video below shows all about the Key Features of the Flagline Harness


  • Shell:  150 denier polyester ripstop
  • Lining:  75 denier polyester lining with heat emboss
  • Nylon webbing straps
  • Buckles:  ITW Nexus Mach side-release buckles
  • Back Leash Attachment Point:  Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum V-ring

How to clean

  • Hand wash
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Ron B.
Exactly as described

Our 12 month old whippet was pull hard on his collar when I walked him but with the harness he is easier to walk. He’s not trying to get away from me now. It doesn’t rub under his leg/body intersection like others did. Easy to put on and take off too. 100% happy

Fantastic harness not to be without

My dog recently had a hind leg amputation and I don’t know how we would have managed without this harness.
Communication with Canine spirit was outstanding when I asked what size harness to purchase. I received a response to my query promptly which was greatly appreciated.
I purchased a medium size flag line harness for my stocky schnoodle who is 19kg.
I’m so impressed with the harness I’m now considering purchasing one for my 14 year old greyhound who needs assistance to get up.
I am also looking at purchasing a floatation harness for my tripod boy.
A wonderful company to do business with

Wriggle worm whippet!

Millar is my 5yo whippet X who can escape anything and everything!
The Flagline is our second Ruffwear harness (the first being the Webmaster) and they're the only pieces of walking gear I'd ever trust on her. The Flagline harness is so comfortable and protects the fine skin on her chest from twigs and bushes when she's off running around.
The harness provides both immense safety for Millar and confidence for me!

Whippet G.
Excellent for Escapees

My dog Whippet Goode is excellent at escaping her lead. This harness doesn’t totally eliminate her ability to squeeze her slim lime body through anything but definitely makes it a much longer and preventable process. As long as you don’t have her in the chest lead and spraying cold water on her alls good. I only bought the second leaf because of her reluctance to go on walks has made her a whoppet instead of a whippet and she has gone from an extra small to a small. The only improvement I would suggest is to make the chest lead a metal connector as well as I think Goode was cross bred with a meet cat and she likes to stand on her rear legs and look at other dogs, so I use the front clasp to either pull her along or drop her to two feet. Highly recommend because of the handle I will stop in the middle of a refuge island and clasp her until we are ready to go.

Love the harness

I am a returned customer. I first bought the front range harness for my puppy and it was a very good harness, still is actually. This flagline one is very light and equipped well on her and has a handle. I love it so much and I think she loves it too. We also bought the matching lead that can be worn around my waist and now we are set for our hiking trips.

Just right!

This is a brilliant harness for my Whippet. Takes a bit to get it fully adjusted to fit but once you’ve got it just right, it’s easy to get on and off without trouble. I can tell my girl is comfortable and it’s lightweight and doesn’t rub under the legs. I feel more secure with her wearing it too on outdoor adventures - no fear of slipping out of this one and some added protection on the underside. The handle is a good feature which will come in handy.

The Sage green is lovely and will be hard to resist getting more in other colours !

Kerry T.
Perfect for my borzois

The harness is a great fit for my borzois. The oldest, Wizard is an escape artist. He has managed to wiggle out of every harness I have tried except for the flagline. As an older dog the chest plate enables us to provide lift support as he gets into and out of the car.
Merlin my young borzoi is a lean, mean, running machine and the harness doesn't impede his movement at all. He also like to do pirouttes on his hind legs when greeting dogs. it is also ideal for restraining him in the car. He has a bad habit of chewing his way out of harnesses, he has not been tempted to do this with the flagline. Fingers crossed
Overall I am very impressed not only with the functionality of the harness,but also the stylish design and colors

Thank you for your prompt delivery


Please do not use my surname

Kim Y.
Fabulous harness

We’re still training our Whippet puppy and I love that we can just pick him up by the handle if needed.

Hands down the best harness I've EVER had!!

These people know dogs & have thought of everything!

- several loop positions for lead attachment - the front chest one is genius!! After 2 or 3 attempts of trying to pull, my AmStaff would just spin around to face me, she soon figured out pulling isn't an option :) Why didn't someone think of this before?

- handle on the back (brilliant, much easier to get my dog in and out of the car)

- easy to put on (I don't have to wrangle a paw through a hole anymore)

- got the matching lead (so good how you can adapt it to go around your waist. I can now walk my dog with two hands spare to drink my coffee!

- lightweight & easy to clean

I cannot recommend this product highly enough, you won't regret your purchase.

PS: Just one suggestion, the lead could be a bit longer especially when it's looped around your waist as my dog is then quite close to my feet. But I just clip the lead to the very end loop so it gives me a bit more space.

What a great review! We love the tips that will be so helpful for others considering the harness and also the feedback about the leash length.
And your girl has a gorgeous smile! We had to share that smile on our social media - what is her name & does she have an IG account?
Thank you again!

Travis M.
Flagline For The Win

Perfect harness for a skinny, pointy nose hound. Great quality and material. Perfect for the shape and for those that tend to reverse wriggle. Super snug, comfortable and 100% secure fit. If you have a young, active, energetic dog you can feel confident that they won’t escape the harness. It doesn’t move up and press on their throat if they pull like other harnesses can. Archie wears an XS. And we think he looks fresh 💙