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The Brush Guard is an 'add-on' for selected Ruffwear harnesses and packs.  It protects the chest and belly from abrasion and it adds extra under-chest support when lifting and assisting dogs.


The Brush Guard is a protective pad that can be added to the:

This is a popular attachment for Tri-Paw'd dogs.

It offers 3 purposes:

  1. Provides added chest & belly coverage to protect from abrasion and padding for pulling while still allowing full range of motion
  2. Adds additional support and padding when lifting or assisting animals
  3. Further stabilizes packs and harnesses.

Easy to attach to existing Ruffwear Harnesses & packs using hook-and-loop sleeve attachments (see the picture to the side).  Nylon exterior fabric is resistant to foxtails, bindi's, snow and ice build-up.

Great for:

  • Hiking and walking dogs - protects the chest and belly in rough or abrasive terrain and good for assisted lifts
  • Tri-pawds (dogs with 3 legs) - for more comfortable, secure and padded lifts
  • Aging dogs & Dogs Rehabilitating - that need assistance on lifts - distributes weight on their chests.
  • Extra Warmth in snowy conditions.


Available in 4 sizes - measure around your dog's girth/chest to get the best size (typically fits the same size harness or pack):

 XS Fits 43-56cm (17-22") chests
S Fits 56-69cm (22-27") chests
M Fits 69-81cm (27-32") chests
L/XL Fits 81-107cm (32-42") chests

Customer Reviews

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Stacey B.
So good I bought a second one!

We now have two of the harnesses and I purchased the ruffwear brush guard to go with both of them. I can now walk my two furbabies down the street without the risk of losing them because they pulled back out of their normal harness.

Great product

Makes it easier to pick up our whippet by the harness handle and gives him a bit more protection zooming through the bush.

Michael W.

Ruffwear Brush Guard - Attach to Harnesses & Packs for Chest Protection, Lifting Support

excellent product

quality build, functional utility, highly recommended


Harness was advertised as being good for amputee dogs. My dog has his left front leg amputated. The design of this harness means its only easy to equip if the right leg has been amputated. Harness only has clips on one side so the one front leg that he has is supposed to be lifted of the ground and slid through the harness. Large dog and it's not an easy task.