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The Anti-Slip Socks for your Dog!  Fun PAWks provide traction on slippery surfaces, paw protection for dogs with foot injuries, increased mobility for older dogs or dogs with hip injuries and well as protect your hardwood floors from claw scratches.  

They come in set of 4.

If your dog is slipping badly or you want an indoor/outdoor sock so your dog can go out to the garden, check out the Sport Pawks with waterproof silicon sole by clicking here.

Special Offer: Order more than 1 set of Pawks or Sport Pawks at the same time and save 10% by using code SOCKDEAL during checkout (only valid once per order).*

Note: Pawks are NOT RETURNABLE for health reasons.  Please let us know if you have questions on sizing:

Please note, the socks are designed for dog's placing their paw flat on the ground and not for dog's dragging their paws. If your dog is dragging their paws (e.g., with age) the socks may provide a little protection, but the dragging may pull the socks off the paw similar as they would with human socks.

Available in 6 sizes

Sizing is based on your dog's paw width - measured 'under' your dog's paw (do not measure over the top of the paw or around the paw).

  1. Have your dog stand with a piece of paper under one front paw.   Make sure the paw is bearing weight.
  2. Mark (fairly snugly) the width of the paw on the paper.  
  3. Measure the distance between the two marks to get your dog's paw width measure. If you are in between sizes you may want to size down as the socks should fit snugly (like human socks)
  4. Click here to watch a video on How to Measure Your Dog's Paws
 Size Paw Width Typically Fits Dogs weighing Sock Length
XXSmall 2.5cm or 1" Toy Dogs 7cm
XSmall 4.5cm or 1.75" 4-6kg 7.5cm
Small 5cm or 2" 6-10kg or 10-20lbs 9cm
Medium 6cm or 2.25" 10-23kg or 20-50lbs 11cm
Large 6.5cm or 2.5" 23-35kg or 50-80lbs 14cm
XLarge 8cm or 3.25" 35-48kg or 80-105lbs 16.5cm

* Do not size the socks based on length - only on paw width.

***Ensure your dog's nails are not too sharp prior to using the PAWks.  

PLEASE NOTE: Dog socks are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned.  Email us on if you have questions on sizing.

Key Features:

  • Soft quality cotton/spandex
  • Anti-slip traction soles
  • Protects hardwood floors
  • Fun and functionality
  • Your dog may 'prance' when you first put on the Pawks, however, if you distract them with a treat, toy or play/walk, most dogs will accept them quickly.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash cold on delicate cycle.  Do not iron, dry in the drier, bleach or dry clean.

* SOCKDEAL - special offer of 10% off when you purchase more than 1 set of dog Pawks or Sport Pawks at the same time within the same order.  Discount does not apply to postage & handling or any other items bought at the same time.  Use the code SOCKDEAL at checkout to get the offer.  Note all dog socks are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.


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Size Paw Width

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great socks

They look really cute and have been very successful in helping our old dog to stop slipping on our wooden floors. They stay on him very well

Great for our old dog

Bought these as our dog was falling over on our new floor. They are wonderful

Not for an old sausage

Sadly the socks kept slipping off and turning around to the non slip side which made walking even more difficult for my old sausage dog.

Great socks!

I bought a pair of the X-Large socks for my 11 year old borzoi Redman. He has arthritis in his back legs and spine, and he has been increasingly finding our tiled floors a bit slippery.
The socks have been so helpful! I expected that Red might need some time to get used to wearing them but he didn’t bat an eyelid; it was like he’d always worn socks!
The grippy pads have really helped him get traction when he goes to stand up after a nap on the floor. I definitely recommend this product!
Here is Red showing off his socks (and his mad sister, Nina!)

Andree S.
Anti slip dog socks

Despite measuring I can’t get them on to my dogs feet.

Ruth M.
He loves them

He loves them he lifts his feet to get them on improved his arthritis as it’s already 3 degrees here and the house has tiled floor they are like slippers for him


They’re great except they slip off

Cheryl H.
Socks that do the job

My 14yo Cavoodle is having problems with his back legs on our wooden floor. These anti slip sock are great. They stay on much better than a previous pair we had. Very happy with my purchase.

Bela H.

We are happy with the anti slip socks for our dog. She is comfortable wearing them now. She has arthritis and it helps her walk around without slipping on our tiled and floorboards floors. Also we don't get disturbed during the night when she moves around the house.

Eva G.
Eva Gould

Actually I was very impressed with your socks as I have tried two other brands and our golden retriever seems to keep your socks on and the other brands tend to slip off. I can highly recommend them.