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Kibble Kaddie - Dog Food Carrier with Pour Spout


Great For: Camping, Traveling

The Kibble Kaddie by Ruffwear is a travel-friendly dog food storage system that is compact and convenient!

Fill the Kibble Kaddie from the top, then simply roll-down and clip shut - the design allows you to 'reduce' the volume of the bag as food is consumed.   Kibble/food is dispensed through the side-mounted food shute.  An additional external stash pocket will fit a collapsible food bowl, such as a Quencher, or other adventure essentials.  Capacity is 10L (42cups).

The Kibble Kaddy holds 10L or 42 cups.   

  • Height - 40cm or 15.8"
  • Width - 24cm or 9.5"
  • Depth - 20cm or 7.9"
  • Weight - 0.54kg

Key Features

  • Compact, convenient dog food storage, holds up to 10L or 42 cups
  • Kibble is dispensed through a side food chute with magnetic closure
  • Roll-down top closure is secure and allows the bag to be made smaller
  • Built from food grade, grease-resistant fabric
  • Side stash pocket stretches to accommodate other essentials

Washing Instructions

Hand wash with dish soap.  Air dry.


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