NEW! 2021 Roamer Bungee Dog Leash - Hand-Held or Waist-Worn


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The Roamer Leash by Ruffwear is a stretch webbing dog lead that can be used hand-held or can be clipped around your waist so you can be hands-free! 

The Roamer Leash has an adjustable, padded handle with 'side-release' buckle.  This means you can use the lead by holding it in your hand.  Or by adjusting the handle, you can clip it around your waist so you can be hands-free - great for walking, running or hiking.  You can clip the lead around a post or tree to secure your dog when you are at the shops, a cafe, campsite, etc.

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The stretch webbing allows a generous range of movement while you maintain control.   There are two sizes/lengths:

Size Stretches from Length Good for
Medium 1.7 - 2.1m (5.5 - 7ft) May be better for a smaller dog or if you are shorter in height so the lead doesn't touch the ground
Large 2.2 - 3.4m (7.3 - 11ft) When you want the extra length
  • Width of Webbing - 25mm/1"
  • Waist worn will fit up to 1.1m

Key Features

  • Can be hand-held, waist-worn or secured around a tree or post
  • Swiveling Talon Clip - is strong, secure and easy to use with one hand
  • Traffic Handle - closer to the clip offers quick restraint
  • Wavelength webbing absorbs shock
  • Convenient accessory loop to attach pick-up bags or small items
  • Adjustable, padded handle with side-release buckle and aluminum uniloop


    Hand wash with mild detergent. Air dry.


    • Hardware: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Talon Clip
    • Webbing: 25 mm engineered polypropylene webbing
    • Elastic core: natural latex rubber
    • Buckle: Winhigh XT side-release buckle with 6061 T6 aluminum uniloop
    • Handle: closed-cell foam and mesh
    • Made in Vietnam

    Customer Reviews

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    Really good for loose stuff, No control

    I have a 46kg Swiss Shepherd, whose life goals involve going wherever as fast as possible.
    I bought the long one. I it is great for letting him sniff and explore. I already have a Mission Wild waist belt, so the lead is at its full length and the middle often touches the ground (I got the long one). If there is a reason to get to your dog quickly 3.4m is a lot of lead to pull in. There is more than 1m of stretch in the long one while it is great for the dog to roam it means no control.
    I like the traffic handle (and think it is a requirement for all leads), however I have the Ruffwear singletrak which has a handle on the back. I have added a 7mm Delta Maillon as a front clip point on my Ruffwear harness, to which I have added the Ezydog Zero shock extension this then is clipped to the Ezydog mongrel handle, while we are walking through town, when we hit the track the mongrel clips to the top/shoulder attachment point making a easy to grap lead that is connected to the front of the harness (so more control) but out of the way when running.
    I clip the Ruffwear roamer to the top attachment point so that he doesn't trip over it.
    We have a no pull Rule (ha ha) when clipped to the front and a have fun rule when clipped to the top.

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    A comfortable and quality running or walking lead

    I have used many leads for running with my dogs and this one is excellent. It’s another quality Ruff Wear product that will be my go to running lead.

    The Beacon - Safety Light

    Harness for pleasurable dog walking

    These are the second lot for my schnoodle and mini-schnauzer. The schnoodle wore his out running through the scrub whilst the mini backed out of his and lost it in thick dunes at the beach! Beware dogs with large shoulders and small heads! Definitely fantastic harnesses.

    What I was looking for

    I have a 50kg Swiss Shepherd... Who is much stronger than me. I originally had the singletrak harness/pack, I jimmed up front clip... As I Need it.
    Great... Love it, front clip works well.
    Fits what you need, water, bowl, poop bags, lead..
    Bag is small enough that Falkor will happily run, (will not run with Palisade pack only trot)
    Down sides...
    Check your dog size... I automatically assumed that as Falkor fitted the L/XL singletrak that he would fit this one... He did, but there wasn't much room at all to expand... Literally wouldn't fit him if I let him get fat... While the singletrak has a lot more room to grow,
    It basically has zero reflective bits... Just some of the front... If you have a fluffy dog... You will see their reflective eyes before you see the reflective strips... None on the sides.. just a small amount on the zip pully bits.
    It lacks the extra attachment point that the single track has at the rear... Also seems to be made of a less rugged material for the bags than the singletrak
    Still if I had to pick one I would pick this one... Over the palaisade/webmaster, single track, and flagline. Unless your dog is too small to carry their own water and poop.

    Webmaster harness.

    Maggie wasn’t sure about the harness at first but seems to like it now. She is a 30+ kg greyhound and very energetic, we have had a few incidents where she has slipped her martingale collar so we decided to look at harnesses. Several in our group suggested this one. We also bushwalk and Maggie would love nothing better than to chase the foxes and kangaroos on our walks. We have much more control on her now.