Ruffwear Web Master™ Dog Harness - Secure with Back Handle


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The Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness is secure, supportive, and has a strong back handle so you can help your dog up or over obstacles.  

This secure harness is great for 'Houdini Dogs'!  It fully adjustable (with 5 adjustment points) and is long on the body making it virtually impossible for your dog to get out of when worn properly and snugly.

The padded handle on the back of the harness is great:

  • for assisting your dog over fences, up rock faces and do short level lifts.
  • for helping an elderly or rehabilitating dog that needs assistance to get up to a stand, on stairs or getting in/out of the car.  
  • It is a popular harness with 'Tri-Pawed' dogs who have lost a leg
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    Available in 5 sizes - measure around your dog's chest/girth. 

    Is your dog in-between sizes? Choose the smaller size

    Size Chest/Girth Measure
    XXS 33-43cm (13-17")
    XS 43-56cm (17-22")
    S 56-69cm (22-27")
    M 69-81cm (27-32")
    L/XL 81-107cm (32-42")

    For additional help, see these videos:

    Key Features:

    • 5 points of adjustment so it will fit most dog's well and not restrict full range of motion
    • Strong padded assistance handle for lifts & assists
    • Secure design for even the best 'Houdini Dog'
    • Foam padded chest & straps for comfortable, extended wear
    • 2 lead connection points - an anodised aluminium V-ring and a webbing loop (at the rear of the padded handle)
    • Reflective trim so your dog is more visible in low light
    • Anatomical design provides controlled, comfortable and balanced lifting with good load dispersion
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    Washing Instructions

    Secure fasteners and hand wash with mild detergent.   Air dry flat.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    Perfect for my ‘houndini’ greyhound.

    My medium-sized rescue greyhound, measures 79cm around his chest and weighs about 32kg. When frightened by something (eg car backfiring on street) he has escaped from two previous harnesses by bolting backwards. As he has no recall and no road sense, him bolting is terrifying when it happens. This harness fits him firmly, and due to strap behind the rib cage, does not come off. Handle on the back is very useful. Despite firm fit he is comfortable laying down, and “sphinxing” (greyhound sitting) while wearing it. Best greyhound harness I have found and makes me a lot more confident when walking him in unfamiliar and potentially frightening (for him) environments.

    Emily P.

    Super strong, well made products! Extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you!

    Stu R.
    This harness really is escape proof

    Does what it says on the packet. Our pup's a teeny Houdini and was able to get out of the previous harnesses. Not this one. She can back out of it all she likes, she just can't get out.

    Joelle S.
    Super Secure!

    I have a 14kg mix breed with a weird noodle body and this harness is perfect! Although her measurements suggest an XS we have sized up to a S to account for her longer torso and it's a much better fit. We love the quality of Ruffwear and this harness is no different. This was our third online order from Canine Spirit and they have been fantastic every time.

    Stephanie D.
    Harness and lead

    The harness is a very good fit . Really makes walking my greyhound easy. She took awhile to get used to it, now waits for me to put on before a walk.

    Alex B.
    Good fit for young pup

    Took a risk and bought a size up because she was under 6 months when I bought this and was pretty much on the cusp of the max size for the medium anyway, so I grabbed a large, but it worked out perfectly. Within the month, it fits her perfectly and she still has plenty of room to grow. We’re still working on getting her used to it going over her head, but we go one daily runs with it on and it doesn’t bother her at all. As far as I can tell, Freyja finds the fit comfortable, it’s got reflective bits on it so in poor weather she can be seen, and altogether, she looks very handsome in her blue web master. Added bonus? She’s not slipped out of it once. :D So yeah, I highly recommend this if you have a highly active dog and want to enjoy that lifestyle with them. We can’t wait until lockdown ends so we can actually go adventuring and not just running along our neighbourhoods streets.

    Tbh, I love this harness so much that I’d genuinely enjoy it if Ruffwear or Canine Spirit branched out into making sizes small enough for cats - because my cats harness isn’t as well made or as good as this one and she comes along with (or will when lockdown ends) us on adventures too. :)

    You can find both Freyja and her older, feline sister on insta: @ishtarandfreyja :)


    Worth the money. So much peace of mind having this on our energetic whippet.

    Eya B.
    Cool colour and high quality

    The webmaster harness was worth the price with all the features we needed to comfortably restrain our furr child in the car or while out walking. It has a tough robust make and the materials are high quality. We also got the brush guard which works great to guard against burs and prickles and also provides more comfort if we need to pick him up by the handle to keep him safe from larger dogs.

    Greg L.
    Great product

    Patch loves his new harness, it has made walks a joy with no pulling. It's like walking a different dog. Fit's perfectly to the unique body shape of a whippet.

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