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The Roamer Leash is a stretch webbing dog lead that can be used hand-held or can be clipped around your waist so you can be hands-free!  Super handy to clip the leash around a post at the cafe or shops too!

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The Ruffwear Roamer Leash has an adjustable, padded handle with 'side-release' buckle.  This means you can use the lead by holding it in your hand.  Or by adjusting the handle, you can clip it around your waist (up to 1.1m) so you can be hands-free - great for walking, running or hiking.  You can clip the lead around a post or tree to secure your dog when you are at the shops, a cafe, campsite, etc.

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The stretch webbing allows a generous range of movement while you maintain control.   There are two sizes/lengths:

Size Stretches from Length Good for
Stretches from 1.7m to 2.1m  (or 5.5ft to 7ft)
Great for those that want only a bit of stretch - this size has 0.4m of 'stretch'.  It also may be better for a smaller dog or if you are shorter in height so the lead doesn't touch the ground
Stretches from 2.2m to 3.4m (or 7.3 to 11ft)
For those that want a leash that has a much greater amount of stretch - this size has 1.2m of 'stretch'
    Both sizes have a 'traffic handle' on the leash where it clips to the collar.  This is designed so you can hold your dog close to your side when you need to (like crossing the street).
    • Width of Webbing - 25mm/1"
    • Waist worn will fit up to waist measures up to 1.1m

    Key Features

    • Can be hand-held, waist-worn or secured around a tree or post
    • Swiveling Talon Clip - is strong, secure and easy to use with one hand
    • Traffic Handle - closer to the clip offers quick restraint
    • Wavelength webbing absorbs shock
    • Convenient accessory loop to attach pick-up bags or small items
    • Adjustable, padded handle with side-release buckle and aluminum uniloop


      Hand wash with mild detergent. Air dry.


      • Hardware: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Talon Clip
      • Webbing: 25 mm engineered polypropylene webbing
      • Elastic core: natural latex rubber
      • Buckle: Winhigh XT side-release buckle with 6061 T6 aluminum uniloop
      • Handle: closed-cell foam and mesh

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Barry P.
      works well

      I like this, works well, although my doggo needs a little training to make it work better

      Tessa E.
      Great for bouncy boxers

      We have two boxers that we cannot walk off-lead and pull like crazy. These leads are fantastic at letting them move a little but stopping their whip-lash pulling. Unlike other control leads, the control handle is also right by their collar - as we need it -as short as possible.

      Sarah B.
      Game changer

      I love the idea of taking my dog when I run, but the reality is never as good as I imagined. Wearing the bungee dog leash around my waist and using the front harness has made running with my bestie so easy. I could never look back.

      Kathryn E.
      Best one on the market

      Have tried several waist leads for running with my dog and they have never fit my waist properly. This one is brilliant, was able to adjust to fit perfectly and it’s super comfortable to run with. Love it

      Roamer Leads

      I love the Roamer leads and also the Web Master harnesses I got. It’s much nicer for me and the dogs using these leads much more gentle when I need to redirect them. They're lovely.

      A.N. G.
      Gr8t Joggin’ Leash

      I’m hooked on Ruffwear since I was introduced by a friend. I have purchased this leash and other items from Ruffwear for my Gage resulting in his happiness to wear the product, durability and style of the each of the products. Overall, the Ruffwear Roamer Bungee Dog Leash is very good quality for my Labrador. It is easy to use and clean. I feel safe that the product is quality and that this leash will not break or compromise the safety of my dog when we are out jogging/walking. I think it’s good.

      Lauren C.
      Great for running with my whippet

      I chose the shorter leash so I didn’t trip on it when I ran with my whippet and it was a good choice. The chip is a little heavy for my 9kg dog but it still works.

      Brilliant- Better than expected

      This lead is brilliant! I’m now hands free and no longer having my arm pulled out if it’s socket! We have a muscular 40plus kilo mastiff cross and she can pull hard but this stretch allows correction without the yank on us. The shorter hand leash close to body is perfect too. We love it! Hands free is the way to go and I never knew it till now 🥳

      Rebecca M.
      Love this leash

      I love this leash as it has one of the best clips on it that I have ever come across. The fact that it can be on the waist or hand is great, very versatile. The bungee leash has really helped with the training of my dog (hound) to not pull. That little pull on the leash and she knows that she's at the end and needs to stop or slow down to walk nicely. A good solid leash . Very comfortable to use.

      Denise A.
      Roamed bungee dog leash

      This is a great product, the bungee section allows some flexibility to the leash and I am able to tie her to a fence or tree or myself hands free if needed . Quality is excellent.