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Save 10% when you buy a matching set of the Best Selling Ruffwear Front Range Harness & Lead! It's perfect for every day wear and with both a back and a front chest leash attachment point, can be used while training not to pull.

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The Front Range Harness by Ruffwear is our most popular dog harness and you can save 10% off RRP when you buy it as a set with a matching leash.  A great everyday harness, it is secure, easy to put on, and highly adjustable to fit most breeds.  Plus this durable & high quality harness, has two dog lead attachment points - one on the back and another on the front chest.

The matching Front Range Leash is 1.5m (5 ft) long and has a padded handle along with a further 'traffic handle' further down the lead that allows you to hold your dog close at street corners and busy areas.   It clips to your dog's harness with a strong, lockable Crux Clip.  

There is also a matching Front Range Collar - see here.

Available in 7 bright, fun colours

Harness Sizing

To size the harness measure around your dog's girth.  Measure the chest fairly snugly so that it stays secure.   If you measure your dogs to be in-between sizes, choose the larger size.
Size Dog's Chest/Girth Measure
XXS 33 - 43cm (13-17")
XS 43 - 56cm (17-22")
S 56 - 69cm (22-27")
M 69 - 81cm (27-32")
L/XL 81 - 107cm (32-42")

For further help with sizing, see the video below

    Here are a few more details on the Front Range Harness features:

    • Two dog leash attachment points - there is a strong alumimium V-ring centered on the back that is great for everyday walks.  When you are training or need a bit more control, there is another reinforced webbing attachment point on the chest.  The idea behind this is that if a dog pulls too hard when the lead is attached to the chest, it will pull them around towards you.  Hence, when used alongside proper training techniques your dog may learn that pulling does not get them where they want to be.
    • Full adjustability - the harness has 4-way adjustment so securely fits most shapes and sizes.
    • Reflective trim - means that your dog will be more visible in low light conditions.
    • Light padding - in the chest and belly make it more comfortable for your dog to wear for long periods.  The harness itself is made of a durable ballistic nylon.
    • Easy to put on/take off - just slip the harness over your dog's head, then clip the 2 side buckles (ITW Nexus Airloc buckles)

    Washing Instructions

    Secure the fasteners and hand wash with mild detergent.  Lie flat and air dry.

    How to Fit and Adjust the Front Range Harness

    How to Measure Your Dog's Girth

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Front Range Harness

    Love this harness, I feel I have more control of my dog and she doesn’t pull as often and is more responsive. Highly recommend

    Caitlin F.
    Our favourite accessory for adventures!!

    Our boy Frog loves his harness. It fits perfectly and the quality is amazing! It’s made walks and adventures such a breeze!! We will definitely be purchasing more in different colours!

    Julie M.
    Front range harness

    I'm a little undecided about this brace and lead. My dog is a 2.5 yr old Shih zhu, he tends to pull on his lead so we were encouraged to get a front range harness. I'm finding the materials for the harness to be quite stiff on the dogs body, feel it would be a nicer fit for Lennie if it wasn't so stiff. have adjusted multiple times. I purchased an XS after measuring him. I can see the idea behind the principle of the lead coming from the front but then it almost trips him as he walks if the lead slackens a little plus it seems to slip around and go more to one side. Because its not the most comfortable walk for Lennie I only walk him once or twice a week with the front range lead, use it for training purposes not long walks.

    Tom D.
    Fits great and durable

    Fits a Cattle Dog well and durable enough to withstand her energetic lifestyle! Lead is comfy and a good length.

    Ready for adventures!

    My little guy (Jack Russell terrier mix) is loving his new harness and leash. Happy to find they are both more lightweight than I had expected, but clearly very sturdy!

    Bart W.

    Simply the best

    Samantha T.

    Absolutely love this harness. So supportive and easy to put on. I had put off buying one until my puppy was closer to being fully grown, but I regret not buying a smaller size even earlier as it fits her so much better than any others I have bought. The harness and lead feels high quality and the front clip has made our walks so much easier. Can’t recommend enough!

    Best Harness

    Our Tibetan spaniel loves bush walks, we got our first Ruff wear harness 6 years ago, and it's been on many walks and adventures. It was time to get a new one! It's very well made and with a long hair dog, easy to put on, the clip is on top and does not grab any fur!


    We are loving the front range harness! My dog is a heavy-pulling blue heeler with a very strong prey drive and we live in a semi-rural bushland!. My arm was getting wrenched out of its socket, and my dog was getting tender spots under her front legs from pulling in our old one was enjoying walks anymore. I don't think I'll ever use a different harness, we are both enjoying walks so much more now with much less pulling. The traffic stop handle on the leash has been great for holding her close when needed as well. Thanks Ruffwear

    Kevin F.
    Front Range Harness

    This is the third harness I have purchased, won't use anything else. Great harness well made does exactly what it says on the box. Excellent