Sport Pawks - Anti-Slip Dog Socks (Waterproof Sole)

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Anti-Slip Protective Socks for Dogs - With Waterproof, Silicon Sole means they can be worn indoors and outdoors.   Sport PAWks improve your dog's traction on slippery surfaces - as well protecting boat decks and wooden floors.   With a full silicone covered sole, they can be used for short term outdoor use as well.   They come in set of 4.

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Note: The Pawks and Sport Pawks are NOT RETURNABLE for health reasons. 

Great For:

  • Elderly Dogs that are 'Sliding' - stopping the slip will give them more confidence on floors, tiles and stairs.  
  • Dogs with Injured Paws - If your dog is suffering from an injured paw or grass allergy, these socks could provide excellent coverage.  
  • Protecting Floors & Surfaces - These socks will also protect wooden floors, boat decks and leather car seats from scratches (make sure dog's nails are trimmed so as not to puncture the socks).  

Please let us know if you have questions on sizing:

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Available in 6 Sizes

Sizing is based on your dog's paw width measuring under the paw - do not measure over the top of the paw or around the paw.  They come in a set of 4.

  1. Have your dog stand with a piece of paper under one front paw.   Make sure the paw is bearing weight.
  2. Mark (fairly snugly) the width of the paw on the paper.  
  3. Measure the distance between the two marks to get the measure.  If you are in between sizes you may want to size down as the socks should fit snugly.  However, bear in mind the Sport Pawks do not have much 'give' due to the silicone.

** NOTE!  The Sport Pawks fit smaller than the Regular Pawks as the silicon sole.  They will not stretch beyond the measure below.

Measure carefully as the socks are FINAL SALE.  Please let us know if you have any questions before you order and we can help you with sizing.

 Size Paw Width Typically Fits Dogs weighing Sock Length
XXSmall 3.2cm or 1.25 Less than 2.2kg or 5lbs 7cm
XSmall 4cm or 1.5" 2.2-4.5kg or 5-10lbs 8cm
Small 4.5cm or 1.75" 4.5-10kg or 10-20lbs 10cm
Medium 5cm or 2" 10-23kg or 20-50lbs 12cm
Large 6.5cm or 2.5" 23-31kg or 50-68lbs 14cm
XLarge 8cm or 3" 30-38kg or 66-83lbs 17cm

***Ensure your dog's nails are not too sharp prior to using the PAWks.  

Key Features:

  • Anti-slip full silicone sole
  • Soft quality cotton/spandex
  • Anti-slip traction soles
  • Protects hardwood floors, boat decks, leather car seats
  • Protects against road salt and other outdoor irritants
  • Indoor / outdoor use.
  • They come in a SET OF 4

Washing Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash cold on delicate cycle.  Do not iron, dry in the drier, bleach or dry clean.

* SOCKDEAL - special offer of 10% off when you purchase more than 1 set of dog Pawks or Sport Pawks at the same time within the same order.  Discount does not apply to postage & handling or any other items bought at the same time.  Use the code SOCKDEAL at checkout to get the offer. 

Note: all dog socks are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

I can’t comment as can’t use them. Too small. Will have to order larger size

Chilli Loves His Shoes

I have a 14 year old Labradoodle who has a weak back end and we have polished floors. These shoes have been a life saver. From the moment they arrived they changed his life. We no longer have to supervise him. He can walk freely at home, friends houses and the vets. I bought several other brands with no luck before finding Canine Spirit. You really need to buy this brand as they are perfectly firm and exceptionally non slip.

Good quality

These are good quality and would take a lot to break, rip, tear them. They are naturally a tricky item as they have to be tight so they don’t fall off the dog but getting them on can be tricky. Go a smaller size if you’re between sizes. The tighter the better (but trickier).

Relieved - wooden floors no longer a problem

Having recently moved to a home with wooden floors, my 11yo Golden Retriever, Mollie, had problems confidently walking around her new home due to weakness in the muscles in her back legs and arthritis. Now Mollie is confident to move around freely wearing her Sport Pawks.

Works great!

Purchased these for my senior dog, he has been having trouble getting up on the hardwood floors during the night and these have made a huge difference! They were a bit tight at first but they will loosen up a little and be easier to put on.

Dog prefers these over Ruffwear summit trex

Has helped my elderly groodle on our hardwood floors.
We have tried nailgrips (he hated them), pawfriction (wore off after one walk outside), and summit trex boot (rub him at the seam and give him sores on the tops of his toes). He is happy to wear these! He has gone from being unable to get from lying down to standing, to re-training his muscles so that he can now even manage to stand without the sports pawks on his feet (although he is still more stable with them on).
We turn them inside out to air them when not in use, and usually just use two at a time.
We normally take them off on our walks so that he keeps his nails short.
Highly recommended!


Sport Pawks - Anti-Slip Dog Socks (Waterproof Sole)

Coated socks

Hi I bought a pair of dog socks non slip for my 15 year olds poodle they work well but can work there way off. Could be more robust where the nails rub. Tnx

Fantastic socks for my oldie girl :)

I bought these for my 16 year old Labradoodle who has a bad back and arthritis. She was having difficulty walking on smooth surfaces and these have been great for her. She does not mind having them on, though resists a bit when I put them on! Highly recommend this product if you are looking for a better grip for your dog :)

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Cool Kelpie

thanks so very much to Caroline & team for amazing service & fabulous product that we & our hot Kelpie dog have enjoyed using !

He loves them

He loves them he lifts his feet to get them on improved his arthritis as it’s already 3 degrees here and the house has tiled floor they are like slippers for him

Very happy

Very bright red saddle bags arrived very quickly
Really good fit for my 18-month old rottweiller girl. Easy to put on. Very smart. Very well made. Carries daily walk needs ie baggies and treats. Room for keys and extra leads if needed.
I am happy that she is wearing a well fitted and comfortable product.

Ruffwear dog harness

Great harness, easy to apply and adjust.

Best harness ever!!!

We LOVE this harness for our Maggie. She is a rescue and engages in a lot of pulling on leash, either due to hyper arousal (excitement), or fear. With this harness, with the lead attached at the front, she literally barely even tries to pull! It’s super effective. We used to use harnesses that would slightly tighten upon pulling, which now I understand would have compounded her anxiety. This one is so much better for her, and also, such a durable design. It’s also SO bloody easy to put on and take off. We got the bright red which looks fab against her brindle coat. ☺️☺️ Super happy to recommend!