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Keep your dog cool in warm weather using natural evaporative cooling.  The Swamp Cooler by Ruffwear provides maximum cooling through evaporation and heat reflection.  Just soak the dog coat in cool water, wring out the excess and it is ready to put on your dog.   The Swamp Cooler will keep your dog cool for several hours - depending on how hot it is and the humidity.   It is easy to renew the evaporative cooling with water at any time.

There is also an integrated leash portal which allows you to put the Swamp Cooler over a Front Range or Web Master Harness.

Great for dogs that enjoy hiking, biking, running or walking in the heat, playing on the beach, boating or participating in agility trials or dog shows.  The vest has a UPF 50+ coverage.


The Swamp Cooler is available in 6 sizes.  You want the coat to have a relaxed, loose fit and it is not essential for the coat to go all the way to the base of the tail as the majority of cooling will be around the chest.

To size, measure around your dog's girth (the circumference) at the widest part of the chest and right behind the front legs.   You can also measure the neck as the neck on the coat is not adjustable. 

The most important measure is around the chest - this must fit correctly before you look at the other measures.

Sizes should be selected based on Chest Measure

Size Chest/Girth Measure* Most Important
Neck Back Length
XXS 33-43 cm (13-17") 34.5 cm 24.5 cm
XS 43-56 cm (17-22") 41 cm 31 cm
S 56-69 cm (22-27")
50 cm 43.5 cm
M 69-81 cm (27-32") 56 cm 51 cm
L 81-91 cm (32-36") 67.5 cm 56.5 cm
XL 91-107 cm (36-42") 71 cm 61 cm

Key Features

  • Cooling dog vest for hot conditions provides maximum cooling through evaporation & heat reflection - UPF 50+ Coverage
  • Leash portal on back means it can be worn over a harness
  • 3-layer construction maximises cooling effects:
    • outer layer wicks and facilitates evaporation
    • middle layer is absorbent and stores water for evaporation
    • inner layer is comfortable and transfers cooling to your dog
    • for more info - click here
  • Made from a light coloured fabric it also reflects the heat from the sun
  • Non-restrictive design/fit and 2 side release buckles for easy on-off
  • Reflective trim helps give visibility in low-light and there is a loop to attach a Beacon light if you want additional visibility (purchased separately)

How to Use the Swamp Cooler

Washing Instructions

Secure fasteners and wash in cold water with the gentle cycle and mild detergent.   Hang dry only.   Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Customer Reviews

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Prompt delivery and fulfills every promise.
Great cooling vest
Swamp vest
Excellent Quality and Good Fit
Thank you so much for the awesome review. The details you have included should help other dog 'parents' in their choice as to whether the Swamp Cooler will be best for them. :) Many wags!

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