Double Track Coupler - Two-Dog Leash Connector


Walk 2 dogs with 1 lead!   The Double Track Coupler by Ruffwear is a dog lead adapter that allows you to easily walk 2 dogs without them getting tangled.   You can also use multiple couplers to walk more 3 or more dogs.

The Double Track Coupler can be attached to any lead via a strong anodised aluminium V-ring.   The lockable, swiveling Crux Clips are easy to attach to your dogs collars or harnesses.   Made from a 'Wavelength' stretch webbing, the coupler absorbs shock to make walking more comfortable for both you and your dogs.

The coupler is 30cm (12") in length and can be stretched to 48cm (19").

Key Features

  • Adapt any dog lead into a 2-dog walking system
  • Wavelength webbing gives your dog's room to roam and absorbs shock
  • Crux Clips are strong, secure and swivel to avoid tangles
  • Single piece, anodised aluminium V-ring provides a secure leash attachment point
  • Link multiple Double Track couplers together to walk more dogs


Washing Instructions

Hand wash with mild detergent.  Air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love the coupler - I can walk both my labs together! It is a very clever design.

Prado o.
Not suitable for large dogs

Great quality but a bit short for our 2 Goldie's

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