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No Pull Harness - Correct with Gentle Pressure

Canine Friendly


The No-Pull Dog Harness by Canine Equipment is perfect for dog's that pull on the lead.   The martingale loop at the back of the harness provides gentle pressure to the dog's underarms and chest to encourage correct walking behaviour.   This light-weight yet durable harness has 4 points of adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit on your dog.  

If your dog is a very strong puller, the Ultimate Control Harness may be a better option for you.  Click here to see the details.

Key Features:

  • Martingale back loop provides gentle pressure to correct walking behaviour
  • Harness is lightweight yet strong:
    • chest panel is made from durable 1050 ballistic nylon to withstand tensile strength
    • hardware is nickel plated to reduce wear
    • bartack stitching adds strength to overall harness design
  • Designed for comfort:
    • four points of adjustability
    • plush inner lining reduces chafing
    • low profile sides prevents added pressure and reduces irritation
  • Reflective piping for low light visibility



Measure the widest part around the dog's chest. For in between sizes we suggest you go with the larger size for comfort and proper fit. Harness should be snug on the dog when the martingale loop is pulled tight. You should be able to slip two fingers under the webbing. The chest panel should sit below your dog's collar and the martingale loop across your dog's shoulder blades. Having a harness that is too loose will mitigate the martingale training effect, as the pressure under the arm is what will teach the dog not to pull. 

 Size Girth Weight



4.5 - 6.8kg (10-15lb)  SOLD OUT



6.8 - 18kg (15-40lbs)



18 - 32kg (40-70lbs)



32kg + (75lbs plus) SOLD OUT


After properly fitting the harness, let your dog become accustomed to the harness. Allow him to walk around without a leash attached. When you are ready to start, attach a leash to the harness. Let your dog move forward - if your dog pulls - the harness will tighten, sotp and turn the opposite direction with the leash pulled taught. Do not move forward until your dog has given slack on the leash. When your dog is walking beside you without pulling - praise him (offer treats if desired)

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