Jet Stream Cooling Vest



The Jet Stream Vest by Ruffwear is a lightweight vest that allows your dog to have fun in the sun while staying cool!   This vest covers the full chest by zipping up on one sie.

The 3-layer chest panel cools by dispersing heat away from your dog's core, using evaporative cooling.  As well, the lightweight spandex back panel provides shade and is UPF rated to 50+ to protect from sunburn on the back.

So how does evaporative cooling work?  When you step out of the ocean after swimming, you may notice a cooler feeling when your skin first hits the air.  This is evaporative cooling!

Ruffwear's cooling gear - including the Jet Stream, the Swamp Cooler and the Core Cooler - create this same effect by combing 3 layers:

  1. a wicking outer layer that facilitates evaporation
  2. a middle layer that holds water for evaporation, and
  3. a comfortable inner layer that keeps your dog dry and pulls surface heat away from your dog.

To activate the Jet stream, soak in water, wring it out, zip it on your dog and go!


To choose the best size for your dog,

  1. CHEST - Measure around the widest part of the chest/rib cage.  This is the most important measure.
  2. NECK - Ensure neck measure also fits.  Back length is only for guidance.
Chest Measure Neck Measure
XXS 33-43cm (13-17") 28-35.5cm (11-14")
XS 43-56cm (17-22") 33-40.5cm (13-16")
S 56-69cm (22-27") 40-51cm (16-20")
M 69-81cm (27-32") 45-56cm (17-22")
L 81-91cm (32-36") 56-66cm (22-26")
XL 91-107cm (36-42") 67-80cm (26.5-31.5")


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Jet Stream Cooling Vest


Jet Stream Cooling Vest

Love it

Kayla had a different cooling vest that used to harden when it dried....this one is lovely and she wouldn’t let me take it off the other night...ran away when I tried to take it off...she said she’s keeping it

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He loves them

He loves them he lifts his feet to get them on improved his arthritis as it’s already 3 degrees here and the house has tiled floor they are like slippers for him

Very happy

Very bright red saddle bags arrived very quickly
Really good fit for my 18-month old rottweiller girl. Easy to put on. Very smart. Very well made. Carries daily walk needs ie baggies and treats. Room for keys and extra leads if needed.
I am happy that she is wearing a well fitted and comfortable product.

Ruffwear dog harness

Great harness, easy to apply and adjust.

Best harness ever!!!

We LOVE this harness for our Maggie. She is a rescue and engages in a lot of pulling on leash, either due to hyper arousal (excitement), or fear. With this harness, with the lead attached at the front, she literally barely even tries to pull! It’s super effective. We used to use harnesses that would slightly tighten upon pulling, which now I understand would have compounded her anxiety. This one is so much better for her, and also, such a durable design. It’s also SO bloody easy to put on and take off. We got the bright red which looks fab against her brindle coat. ☺️☺️ Super happy to recommend!