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Roamer Dog Leash - Stretch Webbing, Can be Waist-Worn


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The Roamer Leash by Ruffwear is a stretch webbing dog lead that has an adjustable, padded handle with 'side-release' buckle.  This means you can use the lead by holding it in your hand or, adjusting the handle to clip it around your waist so you can be hands-free.

The hands-free option means it is great dog lead to use for walking, running or hiking.  Or you can clip the lead around a post or tree to secure your dog when you are at the shops, a cafe, campsite, etc.

The Roamer Leash has a strong, secure Talon Clip (see pics below) to allow easy attachment to your dog's collar or harness.It also has a 'traffic handle' loop which allows you to hold your dog close to your side when at a busy intersection or when need be.      

The stretch webbing - Wavelength webbing - allows your pup to have a generous range of movement while you maintain control.   There are two sizes/lengths:

  • Medium - stretches from 1.7m - 2.1m (5.5 - 7ft)
  • Large - stretches from 2.2m - 3.4m (7.3ft-11ft)
  • Width of Webbing - 25mm/1"

    We suggest considering the size/height of your dog and of yourself when choosing the length of Roamer that will be best for you.   A medium size may be better on a smaller dog or if you are shorter so the lead doesn't touch the ground.  Similarly it may be better if you like to keep your dog closer when running/walking.

    Washing Instructions

    Hand wash with mild detergent. Air dry.

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