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SurfDog Beach Robes - Dog Drying Coats



The SurfDog Beach Robes (or Dog Drying Coats) are super absorbent micro-fibre toweling robes that literally 'suck' the water from your wet dog's coat.   Great for use after a day on the beach or after a bath,  they are easy to put on - simply slide the coat over your dog's head, and then tie it around their waist.  It absorbs up the 'wet and sand' before they shake it around the car or house.   There is a hole for their tail so it covers their backside and, for extra warmth, you can pull up the hood.

These dog coats are also popular with groomers and show people as they dry your dog in minutes with no knots or matts.   


Available in 6 sizes.  The coats fit based on back length (from the base of neck to base of tail) and also on neck measure (around the new.  The chest measure is not usually an issue but we have given those measures below as well.  The XL is only available in Yellow.

Size Back Length Neck Measure Chest Measure
XS 20-35cm 22-35cm 40cm max  eg. Toy Poodle, Pug, Cavalier
S 35-45cm 30-45cm 50cm max  eg. Westie, Jack Russell, Bichon
M 45-58cm 35-50cm 80cm max  eg. Staffy, Beagle, Vizsla, BCs
L 58-75cm 45-50cm 100cm max  eg. Lab, Dalmation, Boxer, Pointer
XL 65-75cm 45-60cm 70-120cm  eg. Groodle, Large Retriever, Rottie
GL 55-80cm 42-50cm For Deep Chested Dogs - Greyhounds, Lurchers


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